Direct Representation

This whole campaign is based on providing representation of District 10 by the constituents of District 10. It's not about voting with the party line it's about getting constituents what they need. I hope to hear from you about what is happening in our district and what you need done to make it better. Tell me here.


I want to provide a new level of transparency to local government. A well informed public is the key to a healthy democracy, so I plan to be in frequent contact with the press, and my constituents, to ensure all information is available about the goings on in local government. Corruption is a big deal and we need to fight it.

Pro - Working Families

A large part of why I’m running is because I think working families are getting the short end of the stick. If you have worked, are working, or will be working someday I’ve got your back.


Education is the foundation of ones whole life. Ensuring our youth have a proper education and a safe place to learn leads to better jobs, better lives, and lower crime. 


Getting more and better jobs in our neighborhoods are critical to building our communities. I plan to work with owners of vacant buildings to help new local companies get started. More good jobs lead to decrease in crime.


Expansion of the city water and sewer to homes needs to be expedited. Street lights, functional drainage ditches, well maintained sidewalks and roads. Preparing our critical infrastructure for future storms and sea level rise needs to be prioritized. Sea level rise map.


For future development sustainable, affordable, and mixed use principles must be a priority. 


Currently about a third of District 10 is a food desert, as well as a fair percentage of the rest of the city. I hope to work with local companies to make fresh, healthy food more available. Food Desert map.

Parks and Greenways

Parks are the community centers of our neighborhoods. Greenways provide safe healthy transportation around neighborhoods. By opening more pocket parks on city owned land and expanding greenways within neighborhoods, we can improve the health and appearance of our communities. The Emerald Necklace is a great example.

Public Transit

Working with JTA to improve public transit in both the short and long term. Most modern cities have much more developed transit systems than we do.


Moves toward equality regardless of race, gender, religion, disability, age, or sexuality at work and leisure need to be continued. We rise together.

New City Flag

As a symbol for our city and our unity I believe it is time for a new city flag that we can all be proud to have. Video about flag design here.